Wednesday, August 26, 2009

my Hawaiian crime novels

I read recently that a body was found at the bottom of the pali, in Honolulu, between the two highways. Talk about life imitating art. My first crime novel that takes place in Hawaii, "Hula Kapu," romanticizes the volcano on the Big Island and delves into Hawaiian mythology, especially the powers of Madam Pelee, the mythical goddess of the volcano. The bad guy in my story, Bengy, meets his comeuppance by being mysteriously tossed over the edge of the pali, never to be heard of again.

My next Hawaiian crime novel, "Surf Kapu," traces the origins of surfing in Hawaii against a background of a serial murderer and the discovery of a previously unknown Mary Cassatt drawing. Again, with life imitating art, a collection of Mary Cassatt drawings appears at the Honolulu Academy of Art - donated by the estate of Arthur and Katherine Murray. During our vacation time, Governor Benjamin Cayatano arranged for us to be on "Baywatch Hawaii" and our experiences on this TV show are also detailed in this novel.

"Coffee Kapu" brings joins the old time gangsters with modern times, through the imagination of the characters. The challenge of coffee growing in Hawaii provides the background for this crime novel and, again, Madam Pelee gives the bad guys their well deserved comeuppance.

"ProBowl Kapu" pits a Pro Bowl cheerleader against the terrorists. In addition, the bad guys who enjoy torturing pets and forging tickets are caught by the cheerleader and her helpers. The reader is taken directly into the ProBowl cheerleader rehearsal - with all the work that is involved in putting on a show.

All my novels are character driven. The reader can see, smell, and hear Hawaii. Each one would lend itself perfectly to a movie - for either the big screen or the small (TV) screen.

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