Thursday, September 3, 2009

Poor Sarah Palin

I'm not a Palin hater - not do I love her. But I do feel very sorry for her. She definitely overstepped her abilities when she accepted John McCain's request for her to be his Vice President. She reminds me of a woman I know around here who was smarter than Sarah Palin and had a better memory than Sarah Palin but has the same personal philosophy. Very simply put, both women believe that "people believe whatever you tell them," and "is, was, will be; what difference does it make."
Unfortunately, Sarah Palin got much further in the political process than the woman I know. That woman received 60,000 votes in the primary contest for Senate, about 15 years ago, and of course she lost and a much more qualified person won. In the November election, the incumbent defeated the newcomer.
The woman I know, I used to call her my friend, went on to do nothing in the field of politics and went back to tending to her family. The world, although not her family, is better off that she dropped out of the competitive field of politics.
Back to Sarah Palin - she has no feel for her lack of qualifications. I hope, for her sake, that she retreats to her home, to her quiet Alaskan life, and participates in the raising of her children and grandchildren.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Michael Vick

I am puzzled by the great consternation over the protests concerning Michael Vick's playing football for the Eagles. First of all, if dogs were involved, instead of people, there would have been no holocaust in Germany. Second, if there were dogs on the plane that was destroyed by terrorists in Lockerbie, Scotland, Khadaffi would never have welcomed the convicted terrorist home as a hero.

Next, the protests in favor of Vick's rehiring are not because people are in favor of dog torture. Let's look at this reasonably. More of the people in prison are not white. Therefore, more of the people who get released from prison are also not white and they all need jobs. Lets face it. Would you hire an ex-con? a jailbird? an ex-felon? But, in order for those who are released from prison to "get on with their lives" they all need jobs and the fact that Michael Vick, one of the more notorious people released from prison, got a job raises hopes that other ex-cons will also be hired. Of course, not everyone can play quarterback for a professional football franchise. But everyone can say "do you want fries with that."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

my Hawaiian crime novels

I read recently that a body was found at the bottom of the pali, in Honolulu, between the two highways. Talk about life imitating art. My first crime novel that takes place in Hawaii, "Hula Kapu," romanticizes the volcano on the Big Island and delves into Hawaiian mythology, especially the powers of Madam Pelee, the mythical goddess of the volcano. The bad guy in my story, Bengy, meets his comeuppance by being mysteriously tossed over the edge of the pali, never to be heard of again.

My next Hawaiian crime novel, "Surf Kapu," traces the origins of surfing in Hawaii against a background of a serial murderer and the discovery of a previously unknown Mary Cassatt drawing. Again, with life imitating art, a collection of Mary Cassatt drawings appears at the Honolulu Academy of Art - donated by the estate of Arthur and Katherine Murray. During our vacation time, Governor Benjamin Cayatano arranged for us to be on "Baywatch Hawaii" and our experiences on this TV show are also detailed in this novel.

"Coffee Kapu" brings joins the old time gangsters with modern times, through the imagination of the characters. The challenge of coffee growing in Hawaii provides the background for this crime novel and, again, Madam Pelee gives the bad guys their well deserved comeuppance.

"ProBowl Kapu" pits a Pro Bowl cheerleader against the terrorists. In addition, the bad guys who enjoy torturing pets and forging tickets are caught by the cheerleader and her helpers. The reader is taken directly into the ProBowl cheerleader rehearsal - with all the work that is involved in putting on a show.

All my novels are character driven. The reader can see, smell, and hear Hawaii. Each one would lend itself perfectly to a movie - for either the big screen or the small (TV) screen.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Don't you wonder what's going on in Hawaii? Especially in the legislature and governor's office? Money is running out, tourists are not travelling, hotels are losing guests, and rates and taxes are increasing. That's right. Although some of the hotels are offering inducements, the decrease in room rates is only temporary and cannot be used for long term stays. And the tax on tourist rooms is increased by the legislature. In their infinite wisdom (and I am using the terms very very loosely), the legislature voted to override the governor's veto of an increase in the tourist tax.
Traffic conditions in Hawaii are horrendous. Every morning, and every evening, the stream of red lights on autos coming into the city look like flows of lava coming down the palis. And most cars have only one person in them. What a mess.
Several suggestions to improve traffic in Honolulu - There is a carpool lane for cars where autos with more than one person can speed along. But if the carpool lane is renamed to cars with only one person, the tie-up would be even worse than it is now. Can you imagine, just one lane for traffic? While the other lanes would be moving along with more than one person in the car.
Another way to reduce the horrendous traffic mess would be to increase the number of buses on the road and, this is crucial, make the fares free - supported by increased gas taxes and businesses.
The Bus system in Honolulu can take you any place - sometimes longer than by car; but if the cars are off the road and the buses are there, the times should decrease and the tie ups should diminish.
Nevertheless, Hawaii is a beautiful place - the people are warm, gracious, and beautiful and no one can ruin the Pacific Ocean, the palm trees, the beaches, the mountains, and the rainbows.