Sunday, August 23, 2020

Spam phone call

    If you haven't yet received  the spam phone call that starts out "Hi grandma (grandpa), I'm in trouble and need your help."

     Here is how a friend of mine handled that call  while his grandson was sitting in the room with him.

     I'm glad you called me.  You haven't called in a while and it would be nice to hear from you once in a while.

     I'm in big trouble grandpa.  I was in an automobile accident, not my fault, and I have a broken nose, and I was arrested and I have a lawyer who who is confident he can get me out of jail in Texas but he needs some money so can you please send me some right away and please, don't tell my parents.

     Were you drinking  again?  You promised me that you would quit and that was 2 years ago.

     I only had 2 beers.  I wasn't drunk and I really need the money for the lawyer to get me out of jail.  Can't  you send it right away?  Please, grandpa!

     Well I have remarried, and Jennie has control of my money and she will not like that.  So, no, I cannot send you any money, and as far as I am concerned, you can rot in jail.

Monday, February 17, 2020

I applaud Blanche DuBois

     I think I have become dependent on the kindness of strangers.  Let me explain.  We all have people we rely on  - family, friends, neighbors, doctors, police, etc.  But what can we do when our support group is not available?  We turn to strangers.    Let me elucidate.  It was a Saturday morning, not too early, and no one was around in the neighborhood..  NO ONE.  It appeared that the streets could have been turned into bowling alleys.  And the playground too.
     A bird became trapped between the shutters of a window air conditioner and the window.  I had a step stool but, my children have pleaded with me not to ever use it - no climbing up.  So, I stood outside and hoped a "kind" stranger would come by.  And he did.  And when I stopped him and asked him for  help, he graciously retrieved the step stool, freed the bird, and then engineered a fix that would discourage any other bird from getting trapped.
   See? the kindness of strangers.
   And yet, we all rely on strangers, in one way or another.  When driving we rely on others to obey the rules of the road and not hit us.  When shopping, we rely on the grocers to stock the shelves with items that we need.  When visiting doctors we rely on other patients to behave orderly while waiting for appointments.  And so on. 
     I'm sure, you can think of many more examples .

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Eagles - It's everybody's fault and I can prove it.

     The disgraceful showing on Sunday 12/1 deserves to be castigated.  There were some good results, however, because I heard from friends around the country who comiserated with me. I have spent these 2 days thinking about how horrible the show was and why it was so bad.
     I am old (80) and I have always been a musician.  I analyze actions, sometimes, with respect to music.  Suppose the football team is like an orchestra.  All the musicians come to rehearsals with their music which they have practiced and know.  In addition they practice the basics every day.  Not their favorite passages but scales, arpeggios, etudes. and breathing and/or bowing exercises.
     All of this to say, the  Eagles are not working on the fundamentals that they practiced every day to become football players.  They have to work on the scales and arpeggios of football - blocking, tackling, etc. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

uniform code of military justice

     As I understand it; there are many reasons for this ucmj - to protect out military and have them live up to the standards ethics of our country AND to protect our military from vengeance by alien militaries.  If all our people act in civilized ways (hard to say and think with respect to war) then, the enemies have no justifiable reasons to act in uncivilized manners.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Hawaii Five-0

     I have been a fan of Hawaii Five-0, seemingly, forever.  The original shows knew how to take advantage of the gorgeous Hawaii scenery.  The story line did not include partially clothed men and women but actual interesting stories.  What makes the current writers and producers think that shots of jungles and mud in South America would keep peoples' interest? 
     No wonder, CBS refused us access to the actors and the sets before the series even began.  We had an assignment from our local suburban Philadelphia newspaper while we were vacationing in Hawaii and CBS just outright refused us permission.
     Oh well.  Their loss

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Review of Medical Abbreviations by Neil M. Davis

     Edgar would have been so proud.  His brother, Neil M. Davis, MS, PharmD, FASHP  has just published the 16th print edition of his current and comprehensive reference MEDICAL ABBREVIATIONS: 55,000 Conveniences at the Expense of Communication and Safety.  Today's 722 pages grew from the first edition in 1985 with 1700 medical abbreviations.  Neil, an expert in medical errors, realized that errors could come from misinterpretations of abbreviations.  He named the abbreviation "u" as the most egregious.  As a substitute for "unit" he found that the "u" could be carelessly confused with 0 and drastically change the dosage.
     Three types of abbreviations: acronyms (AIDS), initialism (HIV), and brief form (exam) all  have negative aspects such as confusion and uncertainty but, they do save time and space and are convenient.  However, as pointed out, at the expense of communications and safety.  There are lists of abbreviations involved in medical errors and an important "Do Not Use" list of dangerous abbreviations.
     This book is recommended  for professionals in the medical field - pharmacists, scribes, nurses, doctors, technicians, etc.  It is available for purchase at MedAbbrev, 605 Louis Drive, Suite 508B, Warminster, PA 18974-2830. There is also an Internet Version and the demonstration site is  phone number. 215 442 7430
     With the purchase of the book you receive a one-year single-user access to the Internet version which is updated with over 30 new entries each week.

Thursday, September 19, 2019


     Science fiction has always scared me.  And yet, I feel I am creating science fiction, at least in my mind.
     The idea of universal electric cars has at least one major shortcome and that is the lack of plentiful "fill up" stations.  Suppose all the roads and highways had unlimited electric power available for the electric cars to use, without stopping. That's where my science fiction ideas come in to play.
     If all the infrastructures were able to charge the vehicles that ride over them and are also able to recharge themselves by the traffic, then the problem of available power would be solved.
     I have no idea if that technology is available but, in my science fiction mind, it should be.